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Booking date

The available date you are booking is held for 4 days prior to a payment of 100$ non-refundable fee is made to guarantee it. The fee goes towards the total bill on the day of the event.

Room & Table Arrangements

The size of your group will generally determine the most appropriate seating arrangement. We would be happy to discuss specific table configurations in order to provide the best dining experience for your guests. Sometimes the seating layout might affect the quantity of plates for your menu creating an odd number between the tables and the food spread evenly. 

Security & Incidents

Veranda Restaurant reserves the right to charge for any damages to rooms, tables, linens, glasses, dinnerware and equipment based on cost of damage. Taping, tacking, sticking or gluing
on any walls including waiting area and/or patio area, as well as removing any of the restaurant's possession is strictly prohibited. A deposit fee might be charged in some circumstances before the event starts.


We welcome room and table decorations with approval from the General Manager in
advance to your event. All display exhibits and decorations must conform to fire and safety codes. The Client is responsible for taking down all approved decorations before leaving, unless you booked a Private Event, and we can remove it for you upon request. Any ideas of decorations can be discussed with Veranda. Some items or ideas might be denied. We do not accept tape that leaves glue layers in excess. Confetti Poppers are prohibited for Open to Public Events.


Event pricing does not include local and/or state sales tax. The charges are added to the final bill. Final menu selections are due 3 days prior to the event. If a menu has not been fully confirmed, Veranda Restaurant reserves the right to make choices on its own. Before choosing the menu, please inform us if a person in your party has a food allergy. Our products may contain wheat, egg, dairy, soy, or fish allergens. Food brought from a different place other than Veranda is prohibited.

Media & Entertainment 

We offer professional music system, Dj, screen projector, video presentations, microphones, disco lights, lasers and more to make your event more effective. Not all of them are eligible depending on the type of event you are booking.  No loud entertainment of any kind will be permitted to be brought into Veranda Restaurant by the Client or his/her guests or invitees without prior consent of Veranda Restaurant management. DJs and loud bands are not permitted for Open to Public events.

Guest count

Final guest counts are due 3 business days prior to the event. Charges to your final bill will reflect this number. Changes of the guest number last minute is not recommended and Veranda is not responsible for the immediate taken/non-taken action. It is host's responsibility to inform Veranda's waitresses and/or bartender whether is He/She assuming all expenses from guests orders or shall each individual pay for its own bill. 

Tax and Gratuity

A 18% service fee and 6.5% Florida sales tax are added to all Private and Open to Public Events. Tipping is optional but highly appreciated.


A finalized bill will be presented on the day of the event after services rendered. All food and
beverage purchases will be reflected on one bill. The bill will reflect confirmed guest count, start and end time, linen or A/V equipment rentals, tax, and deposit. Payment can be made with cash or credit card and must be finalized on the day of the event.

Deposits and Cancellations

Deposits are non-refundable once received by Veranda Restaurant. If for any reason you have to cancel an event, a minimum of 5 days advance notice must be given. Cancellations with less than 5 days notice forfeit their deposit.

Quality Standards

Veranda Restaurant reserves the right to enforce its quality standards. Veranda Restaurant reserves the right to refuse serving any person who in the judgment of its management is under the
influence of alcohol or any controlled substances, or to request that such a person leave the premises. Veranda Restaurant reserves the right to ask for proper identification prior to serving any alcoholic beverages to any person requesting such service. Veranda Restaurant reserves the right to close the bar before the designatedending time should we deem it.


Parking is available in our lot in the front of our building. Additional parking is available in the
east and west side of the building. While the security agent is always patrolling the plaza we still recommend that you lock and remove valuables from your car. Veranda Restaurant is not responsible for damages to or the theft of parked automobiles or contents thereof during the scheduled event. Veranda Restaurant is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Additonal terms and conditions

All events must begin promptly at scheduled times. Music preference and volume being used for Open to Public events are subject to management discretion to control the
volume level for the convenience of all guests (does not apply for private events).

All terms and pricing are subject to change without notice.

The Client assumes responsibility for any damage that may occur on the premises: this includes any breakage of glasses and/or dishes, damage of walls, floor, etc. Veranda Restaurant management reserves the right to assess an additional charge for any damages and/or excessive clean-up beyond the expected normal range of a planned.
The Client agrees to insure that the event scheduled and any persons in attendance will conduct no illegal activities.

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