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Thank you for visiting us. This is just the start of the best memories we can build together. We specialize in making your party one of a kind!

We can take care of all the arrangements: Decoration, Dj, Music, Disco Lights, Architectural Lightning, Fourchette, Custom Cake, Host, Activities for Kids and many more... All in one place - inside our beautiful Veranda Restaurant.

For 2 years we have collected the idea of what a perfect event would look like based on past experiences. We learned that every person is different and so it's the event. We can adapt to any of your needs, customization and ideas and make everything like a Sky full of Stars! Best part is you don't have to worry about anything. Just ... Chill....!

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To book an event you must do 3 things:

1 - Check for the availability of time/date.

2 - Submit a request by using our online 

         menu generator.

3 - Wait for a Veranda Team Member to get

         in contact with you withing 24h.

                   .... and you're all SET !

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